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More missed connections June 4, 2011

Occasionally I like to peruse the craigslist “missed connections” page, because it is HILARIOUS.

Another sampling:

Was at Wal-Mart when I noticed you today. It was around 3:15 and you were with your friend. You were a BBW very sexy had some very short shorts on and could see a piece of your ass check peeking under your shorts. We cashed out at registers right next to each other. You and friend each had a cart and headed out….I wanted to sat something to you as your were unloading your cart into your SUV…you were ridding in passenger. Our eyes met as you were talking the carts back and saw me in my truck!  When People of Walmart fall in love …

alot of ways to love you from head down to your sex toes, i just went to love you who are you I have know ideal but i have miss you find me. or u a bbw, or not black white,18-108 no i do not now u i just dream of u.point me the way. who am i blk male 42 also married. Eww, her sex toes?  What are those?  His wife is so lucky!

Ooh gurl this is pure vanilla and i am gooey and rich just like that peanut butter pie
id love to take you home and put you in a bubble bath with some water wings and just punish you.
maybe if you don’t get jazzy i’ll even feed you some watermelon juize after
come and get me
btw, i hope that dollar keeps you honest                Hungry yet?  (Because I’m not.)

There were several women that i noticed in there [Walmart] on 5/15 around 6:30 pm give or take the time. One that really stuck in my head was the one wearing a grey business suit. I was wearing blue jeans and a blue jean shirt with a flat top and fade haircut. Drop me a note if any are interested. Better hurry, ladies, because every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man. 

Hey there is someone in L City goes by the code name Creamsicle4UinTN, his ad says he is 40 yo and I really want him to contact me. I have a big surprise for him and want to tell show him something really good. It will be well worth his time. Um, that’s just creepy.  Heebie.  Jeebies.