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Mismatched July 7, 2011

Most of the mail you get on is pretty much junk, a lot of it along the lines of, “How r u” or “U r pretty.”  Fairly disheartening.  I applaud the following guys for at least entertaining while they disenchant …


From a 43 year old (I am 29 and look younger than that!):

“I am only chronographically 43, I’m a child at heart.” REALLY, sir??? A) It’s chronologically, not chronographically; and B) Ewww.

And then there was this creepy list, which came by itself, not even a hello or any kind of intro:


1. fav movie?

2. fav band?

3. any tatts/piercings?

4. part of town ya live in?

5. hangout spots?

6. beer , liquor or wine?

7. thong , bikini or boyshort?

8. turnons?

9. turnoffs? (annoying lists of stupid questions, textspeak abbreviations)

10. two places you wanna travel too?

11. three things most ppl dont know about ya or wouldnt gues? make them intresting/spicey



From a fifty year old man:

I signed up here: June 12th, 2011. Immediately I came across you and felt a strong urge to say hello. We seem to have more than enough in common to explore the possibilities…
If you are open-minded to getting together for drinks one night soon; let me know and “Let The Journey Begin”



Sigh …


What doesn’t kill us is makin’ us stronger … July 6, 2011

I recently discovered the last episode of Roseanne, thanks to Netflix.  I always loved the show, but I mostly saw it in reruns.  I hadn’t seen much of the later years (especially after they won the lottery in the last season), so I’d never seen the last episode, which aired during my freshman year of high school, in May 1997.

In the last episode, it was revealed that rather than having an affair, Dan had actually died of a heart attack.  Roseanne’s response was to write the novel she always wanted to write, and she took liberties with the family story.  For instance, Becky was actually married to David, and Darlene to Mark, not the other way around.  Jackie was a lesbian, not their mom.    And the family never won the lottery, that was a plot point Roseanne dreamed up.

The last half of the last episode was made up of Roseanne’s monologue explaining the book and what it means to her, and it includes a flashback to the early episode in which the family transforms the basement into her writing studio. I thought the monologue was a great way to end the show, although I’m not a fan of all the “big reveals.”

But I’d love to know what happened to the Conners after the show ended (besides half of the actors ending up on the cast of Big Bang Theory, another show I love!)  They are still one of my favorite TV families, especially Darlene.  Hmmm, favorite TV families sounds like a future blog topic ….

So, what would the Conners be doing today?  In December 2009, Barr posted a blog entryregarding what a possible Roseanne reunion would be like.  Some highlights: Mark dying in Iraq, David leaving Darlene for a woman half his age and then Darlene meeting a woman and having a test tube baby, Becky working at Walmart, Roseanne and Jackie opening the first medical marijuana dispensary in Lanford, Jerry and the grandsons forming a band, and (yay!) Dan reappearing alive after faking his death.  We can only hope!!

In a side note, wow……..Roseanne’s blog is very, um, very unusual.  Yeah, that’s it … unusual!