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These are a few of my favorite things July 20, 2011

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Small things make can brighten my day.  Here are a few:

The android app guy.  He’s so freakin’ cute!

The sound of air conditioning coming on in a quiet room.  Ahh.

A pair of comfy PJ’s.  (My current favorite: my Thumper PJ’s!)

Ice cream sandwiches.

Old shows like Home Improvement, Golden Girls, Designing Women, Coach, Saved by the Bell, Seinfeld, Roseanne, etc.  (I think this one’s fairly obvious …)

Good mail – new magazines, a card/letter, or something you ordered finally arriving.

A freshly cleaned and organized house.


My favorite TV families (and a few I hate) July 11, 2011

Some of my “favorite column” are critical favorites (the Conners, the Huxtables) and others probably don’t belong on many favorite lists but mine.  See if you agree!


The Harpers (Mama’s Family) – I absolutely love this show!  It was beyond stupid, but Naomi vs. Thelma was one of the funniest (and most absurd) mother-in-law vs. daughter-in-law relationships on TV.  One of the few shows – maybe the only one, actually – where you root FOR the mother-in-law!  Mama was awesome!

The Conners (Roseanne) – I’ve expressed my love of this show before.  Darlene and David were my favorites (besides Roseanne herself).

The Griffiths (The Andy Griffith Show) – Ah, Andy, Opie, and Aunt Bea … so many wholesome life lessons, and yet the show remained hilarious!  Big fan of Andy’s “Well, uh, ah …” as the introduction to his (obviously great) ideas.

The Huxtables (The Cosby Show) – The Huxtables are awesome.  I think what stood out to me on this show is that even though I was a kid when it was on, I still liked storylines about Cliff and Claire the best.  They were a wonderful couple, and their kids were just supporting cast.

The Taylors (Home Improvement) – “Does anybody know what time it is???  Tool Time!”  Essentially the same thing happened in EVERY single episode: Tim screws up, Tim seeks advice from Wilson, Tim implements said advice (but quotes Wilson incorrectly), and Jill forgives Tim.  And yet, I love the show.  A perfect mix of slapstick humor (Tim’s many injuries) and wholesome family values.

The Simpsons – I am Lisa Simpson.  She is one of my favorite TV nerds (future blog!!! future blog!!!).  Her dynamic with the rest of her family is really funny and can be very touching.  Plus, you’ve got to love Homer!

The Kardashians – Notice the title of this blog is not best TV families … It is favorite TV families.  They’re a train wreck, but I love to watch.  A family show with a villian … Scott, of course.  Creepy von Creeperton!  One of my favorite moments was when Khloe called him a serial killer, because I could totally see that.

The Hecks (The Middle) – Loveable losers, all.  It is like an updated version of Roseanne, without much of the grittiness.  My favorite character is Sue (the daughter).  She has no friends, she doesn’t fit in anywhere, and yet she is the most optimistic person ever!  I admire her.

The Arnolds (The Wonder Years) – “Whaaat would you dooooooo if I sang out of tune??  Would you stand up and walk out on me??”  That song is forever The Wonder Years theme to me.  I thought the family dynamics were far more interesting on this show than the Kevin and Winnie romance.  Some of my favorite moments were when Kevin put himself in one of his parents or siblings’ places and came to a profound realization about their motives or actions.  So many times when you’re a kid, you don’t really realize what your parents are up against, but when you’re suddenly able to, it can be very momentous.

The Clampetts (Beverly Hillbillies)  – They were all funny – hilarious, actually – but my favorite character was Jed.  He reserved judgement and tried to give the cityfolk the benefit of the doubt as much as possible; he somehow kept Granny in line; all the while dispensing wisdom to Ellie May and poor, dumb Jethro to the best of his ability.

The Pritchetts (Modern Family) – I love each part of this extended family, and how they interact with each other.  I love that it is not just about the dynamics of a nuclear family, but the entire (hilarious) clan.  Speaking of …

The Barones (Everybody Loves Raymond) – Raymond is actually my least favorite character on this show.  His whole family is funnier than him, especially Robert and – holy crap!! – his dad.


The Brady Bunch – I’m sure this tops others’ lists, but I just found this show cheesy.  I guess this was before my time … but so were others on this list.  I guess because it is such a completely stupid portrayal of stepfamilies.  I wish there was a reality show about a “real life” Brady Bunch.  THAT would actually be interesting.

Jon and Kate – Do I really need to elaborate??

Malcolm in the Middle – Screeching mother, clueless father, annoying children.  Nope.

The Botwins (Weeds) – The queen of bad decisions and her merry band of social misfits.  They are fascinating to watch, but there is not a redeemable character in the whole bunch!!!

The Tanners (Full House) – Kimmy made my dumbest sidekicks list, but the family was pretty annoying all by itself .  You just knew when the music started, you were about to hear some horribly sappy spiel from one of the “dads.”  Plus Michelle “you-got-it-dude” Tanner was the worst.  Still, I watched!!

The Camdens (Seventh Heaven) – A whole family full of one-dimensional goody-two-shoes characters.

The Bundys – About as far away from the Camdens as you can get, their crassness was equally as irritating as the goody-goodiness of Seventh Heaven.

Lopez Family – Just annoying!!  All the old cliches without any fresh twists – the mean mother-in-law; the clueless dad; the vapid daughter and clueless son (Kelly and Bud Bundy, anyone?)  Not a fan.


Um, what? July 7, 2011

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So many questions come to mind, but the main one is: exactly how high do you have to be to come up with a song like this?  And yet … it is quite catchy.  Dammit, it is in my head now!




Most of the mail you get on is pretty much junk, a lot of it along the lines of, “How r u” or “U r pretty.”  Fairly disheartening.  I applaud the following guys for at least entertaining while they disenchant …


From a 43 year old (I am 29 and look younger than that!):

“I am only chronographically 43, I’m a child at heart.” REALLY, sir??? A) It’s chronologically, not chronographically; and B) Ewww.

And then there was this creepy list, which came by itself, not even a hello or any kind of intro:


1. fav movie?

2. fav band?

3. any tatts/piercings?

4. part of town ya live in?

5. hangout spots?

6. beer , liquor or wine?

7. thong , bikini or boyshort?

8. turnons?

9. turnoffs? (annoying lists of stupid questions, textspeak abbreviations)

10. two places you wanna travel too?

11. three things most ppl dont know about ya or wouldnt gues? make them intresting/spicey



From a fifty year old man:

I signed up here: June 12th, 2011. Immediately I came across you and felt a strong urge to say hello. We seem to have more than enough in common to explore the possibilities…
If you are open-minded to getting together for drinks one night soon; let me know and “Let The Journey Begin”



Sigh …


What doesn’t kill us is makin’ us stronger … July 6, 2011

I recently discovered the last episode of Roseanne, thanks to Netflix.  I always loved the show, but I mostly saw it in reruns.  I hadn’t seen much of the later years (especially after they won the lottery in the last season), so I’d never seen the last episode, which aired during my freshman year of high school, in May 1997.

In the last episode, it was revealed that rather than having an affair, Dan had actually died of a heart attack.  Roseanne’s response was to write the novel she always wanted to write, and she took liberties with the family story.  For instance, Becky was actually married to David, and Darlene to Mark, not the other way around.  Jackie was a lesbian, not their mom.    And the family never won the lottery, that was a plot point Roseanne dreamed up.

The last half of the last episode was made up of Roseanne’s monologue explaining the book and what it means to her, and it includes a flashback to the early episode in which the family transforms the basement into her writing studio. I thought the monologue was a great way to end the show, although I’m not a fan of all the “big reveals.”

But I’d love to know what happened to the Conners after the show ended (besides half of the actors ending up on the cast of Big Bang Theory, another show I love!)  They are still one of my favorite TV families, especially Darlene.  Hmmm, favorite TV families sounds like a future blog topic ….

So, what would the Conners be doing today?  In December 2009, Barr posted a blog entryregarding what a possible Roseanne reunion would be like.  Some highlights: Mark dying in Iraq, David leaving Darlene for a woman half his age and then Darlene meeting a woman and having a test tube baby, Becky working at Walmart, Roseanne and Jackie opening the first medical marijuana dispensary in Lanford, Jerry and the grandsons forming a band, and (yay!) Dan reappearing alive after faking his death.  We can only hope!!

In a side note, wow……..Roseanne’s blog is very, um, very unusual.  Yeah, that’s it … unusual!


More missed connections June 4, 2011

Occasionally I like to peruse the craigslist “missed connections” page, because it is HILARIOUS.

Another sampling:

Was at Wal-Mart when I noticed you today. It was around 3:15 and you were with your friend. You were a BBW very sexy had some very short shorts on and could see a piece of your ass check peeking under your shorts. We cashed out at registers right next to each other. You and friend each had a cart and headed out….I wanted to sat something to you as your were unloading your cart into your SUV…you were ridding in passenger. Our eyes met as you were talking the carts back and saw me in my truck!  When People of Walmart fall in love …

alot of ways to love you from head down to your sex toes, i just went to love you who are you I have know ideal but i have miss you find me. or u a bbw, or not black white,18-108 no i do not now u i just dream of u.point me the way. who am i blk male 42 also married. Eww, her sex toes?  What are those?  His wife is so lucky!

Ooh gurl this is pure vanilla and i am gooey and rich just like that peanut butter pie
id love to take you home and put you in a bubble bath with some water wings and just punish you.
maybe if you don’t get jazzy i’ll even feed you some watermelon juize after
come and get me
btw, i hope that dollar keeps you honest                Hungry yet?  (Because I’m not.)

There were several women that i noticed in there [Walmart] on 5/15 around 6:30 pm give or take the time. One that really stuck in my head was the one wearing a grey business suit. I was wearing blue jeans and a blue jean shirt with a flat top and fade haircut. Drop me a note if any are interested. Better hurry, ladies, because every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man. 

Hey there is someone in L City goes by the code name Creamsicle4UinTN, his ad says he is 40 yo and I really want him to contact me. I have a big surprise for him and want to tell show him something really good. It will be well worth his time. Um, that’s just creepy.  Heebie.  Jeebies.


Is the opposite … May 29, 2011

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… of “Be Kind, Rewind” “Be Cruel, Unspool?”